Universal Standard’s New Foundations Line (sizes 00-40)–Womp Womp.

Today, after many months of anticipation and excitement, I was thrilled to hear that Universal Standard’s first collection that goes to a size 40 was launched. Now I’ve talked about this on the pod a couple of times and on Instagram a lot. When Universal Standard announced months ago that they were going to do

Living Livid–Kelly (@lividlipids) on Healthcare, Parenting, and Life as an Almost-Infinifat (49)

The most important thing I do on this show is talk about my regular life experiences. There’s just so little representation for fat people (and especially infinifats) that it is so valuable to hear that we’re not alone in the things we go through. On today’s show I’m talking to my friend Kelly (@lividlipids on

A Quick Note on the HuffPo Article from a Tired Host

Last week’s Huffington Post article “Everything You Know About Obesity is Wrong” is a big step towards mainstream acknowledgement of the things that fat activists have been talking about for years. And it’s about time! But it’s not perfect, and there’s still a lot of work to do. Today on the pod I’m talking through

The Return of Chelsey–Activist Exhaustion, Raising Fat-Positive Kids, and Fatshion Frustration

You may remember our guest this week–Chelsey was with me for Episode 31 on fat pregnancy and delivery. We’ve become internet friends since then, and today she’s back on the pod to chat. We’re covering tons of topics–activist exhaustion, fatshion frustration, and the struggle of raising fat positive kids in a fat negative world. Follow

Ask Your Fat Host: A Q&A Episode

I get a lot of questions on social media and via email, and I love that listeners ask me about things! Many of them are great questions that probably a lot of you could use the answers to! Annnd some of them are just personal questions about me, and I enjoy talking about myself so

AMC’s Dietland is a F*cking Revelation–A Totally Balanced, Objective Discussion

Earlier this Spring, AMC premiered Dietland, a show based on the novel by Sarai Walker. Dietland features a fat protagonist who has been pursuing thinness her whole life, but she has finally started to see another way. It’s no secret that representation of fat people in mainstream media is often pretty dismal and even offensive.

SELF Magazine’s Weight Issue–This is Big

Last week SELF magazine, after 40 years of thin-centric health writing, released a Weight Issue that featured some of the fat liberation’s most important champions. Overall this Weight Issue is kind of a revelation and it feels like a new day in mainstream media is finally starting to dawn. Now if only they’d chosen someone

Anthony Bourdain and Strategies for Addressing High Profile Fatphobia

Following the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, social media was full of tributes to a man who spent his life showing the world the importance of sharing time and a meal with someone of a different background. For all of the ways he stood up for other marginalized people, though, Anthony Bourdain was also vocally

Go to Fat Camp with Annette Richmond of Fat Girls Traveling

Go to FAT CAMP with Annette Richmond of Fat Girls Traveling! Annette Richmond is a fat woman who loves to travel, but she just wasn’t seeing herself or people like her on the big travel social media accounts. So she decided to make space in travel for herself and women like her by creating Fat

Finite Possibilities–Car Shopping for Superfat and Infinifat People

Finite Possibilities: Car Shopping for Superfat and Infinifat People A couple weeks ago I got a frantic DM on Instagram from a fellow infinifat. She needed to know what kind of car I drive and if I had any recommendations for vehicles she might fit in. Unfortunately, this is one question that I don’t have

Updated: Fat Air Travel–TSA Pat-downs, She-Wees, and Southwest’s Customer of Size Policy

A little over a year ago my friend Alison and I recorded an episode about air travel as a superfat, and it was fun and there was lots of important info in it, but there has been a little change in policy at Southwest that affects how Customer of Size works, so I wanted to

Episode 40: Give Me Fat Serenity–Listener Petrina and Overeaters Anonymous

Give Me Fat Serenity–Petrina and Overeaters Anonymous Petrina was taught when she was young that her body was a problem, so she spent much of her life trying to solve it. That pursuit of thinness led her through incredible personal turmoil and culminated in seven years in the rooms of Overeaters Anonymous. What she found

Episode 39: Pretty Hurts–BlackEyedBliss’s Inspiring Fat Burlesque

/Warning: This episode is about fat burlesque, but it’s probably not work safe–there’s some humorous discussion of a simulated sex act, so maybe don’t listen to this one at your desk unless you’re wearing headphones! Episode 39: Pretty Hurts–BlackEyedBliss’s Inspiring Fat Burlesque Society would like us to think that fat people aren’t sexual beings–that we’re

Episode 38: I’m Gonna Keep Enjoying My Life–Infinifat Mom Deanna on Universal Fat Experiences and Raising Body Positive Teens

I’m Gonna Keep Enjoying My Life–Infinifat Mom Deanna on Universal Fat Experiences and Raising Body Positive Teens Deanna is an infinifat mom, but her size doesn’t stop her from having a happy life and raising happy kids. Today Deanna and I had a long chat about existing in this world in a body that makes