The Fat Lip is a podcast for and about fat people.

In some ways fat people are living in a different world than our thin and average-sized peers. Our lives and our experiences are influenced by our fatness all the time, but the outside reactions to fatness can really fuck us up. On a daily basis we are exposed to media that tells us that we’re not worthy of representation and a multi-billion dollar diet industry that is happy to take our money (for products that are proven to not work) while barely disguising its disgust at our very existence. It’s gross, and we’re over it!

TFL strives to be fat positive in a world that often isn’t. We are proud supporters of radical self-love and the fierce defense of your body autonomy.  Fat is not an indicator of health or fitness, and health and fitness aren’t moral imperatives anyway. You don’t have to justify your body or your health to anyone!

This is what you can expect from The Fat Lip:

      • Frank discussion of fat issues in popular media
      • Exploration of fatphobia as it intersects with other forms of oppression (racism, classism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, etc.)
      • Real stories about living, working, and dating in a fat body
      • Big serious topics like the politics of the “obesity epidemic”
      • Tiny fun topics like fatshion and snacks

And so much more!

The Fat Lip has a lot to talk about, and we want to talk about it with you! We hope that you’ll listen, and we hope that you’ll share your experiences with us!

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