Thank you so much to the patrons who have sponsored The Fat Lip!

Kwame A.– Zesty doctor, snappy dresser, and a gentleman with just the tiniest wild streak.

Jennifer H. – Texan lover of nutty treats, big laughs, and those hilarious videos of real people being interviewed by local news.

AnnMarie L. – Sassy Mass lass with an ass (she’ll appreciate that even if no one else does.) No longer has bitch bangs.

Heather and John N. – The original fat power couple, parents of pugs, and soon-to-be-hosts of the world’s fattest pool parties.

Mary W. – My mom and star of Episode 3 of the show! She likes cake and she will kick your ass.

Rebecca M. – Prettiest vixen, tenderest heart. Probably actually a Crystal Gem.

Justin L. – I know who this is now! Justin is a nerdy Floridian who was once in a WoW guild with me. Surprise, I’m a nerd!

Amanda now-C! – Best of best friends, maker of the most delicious baked goods, and mother of 2 asshole cats.

James H. – James from the Internet! Even though he kiiiinda cheats at Avalon (I saw that little nod!) he’s a cool guy.


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