Here you’ll find transcripts of episodes! We’ll try to get these up within a week of an episode’s release.

Episode 1: The F Word Transcript with guest Virgie Tovar

Episode 4: It’s A Big Big World Transcript. Response to This American Life’s Tell Me I’m Fat episode.

Episode 6: Trump Junk Transcript. A quick show about the effigies of Donald Trump that showed up in American cities in August 2016.

Episode 8: Shane Brodie Transcript. A full transcript of the episode with Shane Brodie, the fat trans guy who protested the Trump statues.

Episode 9: #BodyPositivity vs. #FatPositivity Transcript.

Episode 10: What Do We Do Now? Transcript

Episode 12: This is Not Us Transcript

Episode 15: Fats of the Resistance Transcript

Episode 19: Desiring Fat People–Preference or Fetish?

Episode 22: Today in Fatness Transcript (June 2017)

Episode 24–Just Be Confident Transcript

A Mattress Made Specifically for Fat People–My Experience with the Big Fig Mattress (Sponsored) Transcript

Episode 29: It’s Been a Rough Month–Experiencing Fatphobia in Medical Care

Episode 30: Today in Fatness- Fall 2017 Edition Transcript