What Piers Morgan Needs to Hear

This week Piers Morgan and Good Morning Britain hosted an interview with superfat model Angelina Duplisea. Angelina was featured in Miley Cyrus’s video for her new single “Mother’s Daughter,” and her appearance has really pissed off a lot of the “glorifying obesity” trolls. Turns out (to absolutely no one’s surprise) that Piers Morgan is one

You Can Still Fly with Limited Mobility

The worst part about flying, for me, isn’t hurtling through the air in a crowded tube or submitting to invasive full body security scans, and it isn’t even having to buy an extra seat (I long ago accepted that that was just part of my travel requirements). The worst part of flying for me is

I’m Moving! And a Good Fatty re-run

I’m finally moving! And it is STRESSFUL and my microphone is packed, so this week we’re doing a re-run of one of our foundational episodes, all the way back from spring 2016–the Good Fatty episode. In our culture, fat people are expected to be making every effort to become un-fat. Every day we must be

Give Me Fat Serenity–Petrina and Overeaters Anonymous (Rerun)

Give Me Fat Serenity–Petrina and Overeaters Anonymous Petrina was taught when she was young that her body was a problem, so she spent much of her life trying to solve it. That pursuit of thinness led her through incredible personal turmoil and culminated in seven years in the rooms of Overeaters Anonymous. What she found

Coach Betsy on Being in Community with Other Fat People

I’ve known my friend Betsy for probably close to 15 years. She’s a life coach specializing in body image now, but we go way back. When we met in person the first time it was at a fat event, and we were both changed by that experience. Today on the pod we’re talking about fat

Overcoming Shame: Listener Angel Finds Freedom *Rerun*

Overcoming Shame–Pod Listener Angel Finds Her Freedom It’s been over a year, but I really needed to hear Angel’s episode again this week. Today on the pod, Angel and I talk about living in infinifat bodies and overcoming shame. It is powerful. Credits Thanks as always to Starcrusher for the music you heard in today’s

Episode 61: That Shrill Pool Party and Making Fat Community in Your Town

You’ve definitely heard about Shrill on Hulu, but if you haven’t, now is the time to use that free trial Hulu is always pushing. The show, based on the book by Lindy West, starring Aidy Bryant (and other just-as-amazing fat babes), is so good. The best episode by far, though, is number 4. The pool

Face Your Fears (Or Don’t–You’ll Be Fine Either Way)

We all have fears–tiny, ridiculous, completely illogical ones and big serious debilitating ones. You can face them if you feel like it’s useful, but if you don’t, you’ll still be fine. Today on the show I’m chatting with Brittney (instagram.com/somekindofbeautiful_) about our fears, big and small and how we’re just fine with not overcoming them.

See It In Your Size: Kelly’s Experience Modeling for Universal Standard

The search for jeans for infinifats has been an epic one, but some of us have finally found what we are looking for in Universal Standard. On a Tuesday in March the brand launched their long-anticipated denim line that is available in sizes 00-40. In a day they became the most size inclusive major brand

Ash’s Origin Story and the Future of InfinifatshionFebruary

A listener reached out to me on Instagram recently and suggested I do an introduction episode. It never even occurred to me! So here we are, three years into The Fat Lip, and I’m finally telling you some of my origin story. Hint: it starts on a farm and involves crying. Photos to follow. And

Sarah’s Dream-Massage Therapy for Fat People

We’re still talking about goals today, and Sarah’s is very exciting. She wants to open a business that provides massage therapy for fat people. It’s a daunting prospect, but Sarah has seen firsthand that many massage therapists do not want to work on fat people. This is because of fatphobia but also because of a

Infinifatshion February 2019

It’s that time of year again: Infinifatshion February! All month I’ll be posting a photo a day on Instagram to highlight the lack of access (to clothing and so many other basic needs) that the fattest among us experience. In today’s episode I’m talking about why the term “infinifat” exists, what it means, and why

#Goals with Miranda of The Plus Life

The beginning of a new year doesn’t mean that much, but I like to make yearly goals. Don’t call it a resolution if you don’t want to–there are so many negative diet culture-y connotations– but I still make them. Not achieving them won’t break me, but I like thinking about what I’d like to accomplish

The Fat Lip in 2019

As I think about the direction of The Fat Lip in 2019, I’ve been reflecting on the pod and what we’ve created together. We’ve done incredibly important work with the pod, and I am so happy with what it has become. On TFL we’ve always focused entirely on very fat-focused issues, though. The work has