Free Lunch by Ross Wade–a creepy story for Halloween

Happy Halloween! Last year for this especially creepy day, I read an unnerving story for you: Royal Jelly by Roald Dahl. I wanted to do the same this year but finding even suspenseful stories with respectful treatment of fat characters is so difficult. So I enlisted my good friend and brilliant writer, Ross Wade, to

TRANSCRIPT: Let’s Talk About (Fat) Death

(ASH) Hello, welcome to The Fat Lip, the podcast for fat people, about fat people. I’m your fat host, Ash, and today we’ve got a big blinking content warning before we even start. On today’s show I’m going to talk about death. Like a lot. I’m going to talk about what considerations there are when

Let’s Talk About (Fat) Death

Today I’m talking about a topic that I never see discussed in the fat community: death. But more specifically I’m talking about special considerations for fat bodies after death. Can you donate organs? What about donating your fat body to science? Should you choose burial or cremation? What’s alkaline hydrolysis? It’s an intense topic, but

Fat Lib 101 for Not-Fat Partners of Fat People

We are all carrying around some anti-fat beliefs and values, even if we prefer to date or partner with fat people. Misleading information and downright lies about the health and ability of fat people (and really the importance of health or ability in general) is everywhere. It is especially important, though, for the not-fat partners

Four Years of The Fat Lip: Looking Forward

May marks the four year anniversary of The Fat Lip! And under the circumstances right now, our schedule is shifting a little bit. But there are big things coming! On today’s pod we’re talking about the future of The Fat Lip. Big dreams! Want to win registration to the online Fat Studies conference I mentioned

Live Pod Part 2!

Today I bring you the long-awaited Part 2 of the live episode I did with Brittney! Finally you’ll get to hear what happened in that pool…;) Credits Thank you to Starcrusher for the music you heard on today’s show and in every episode. Go to to hear more. Thanks also to our Patreon patrons.

Live Pod With Brittney (AKA Fat Rideshare Driver)! – Part 1

As promised, we did a live pod recording on Sunday, 3/29 and it was a lot of fun! It also lasted two hours (and probably could have gone a third) so I had to chop it in half. Today you’re getting part 1, and part 2 will be up in a few days! Credits Thank

Our 600 Pound Lives: The Episode

Last week I wrote a much-requested essay about My 600-lb Life and posted it to the TFL blog. As promised, this is the audio version! For the full text, go to Credits Thank you to Starcrusher for the music you heard on today’s show. Go to to hear more. Thank you to our

Thoughts on Shrill Season 2 (TRANSCRIPT)

(Ash) Hello, welcome to The Fat Lip, the podcast for fat people, about fat people. I am your fat host Ash, and I’m back again very quickly after the last episode. 2 episodes in one week. Who even am I? I’ve had this Shrill episode in the works for a couple of weeks but it

Thoughts on Shrill Season 2

When Shrill Season 2 arrived on Hulu earlier this month, I knew I needed to talk about it on the pod. So what did I think? Today on the pod I am talking about the significance of Season 1 and everything Shrill Season 2 had to live up to. Did it? What did you think?

Happy Fat Tuesday!

Happy Fat Tuesday one and all! Yes I will co-opt this religious holiday to celebrate fat people, thank you very much. And yeah yeah, every Tuesday is Fat Tuesday around here, but this is the one that mainstream culture knows about, so this is the one I’m stealing. In honor of the holiday, today on