How to Find a Fat-Friendly Doctor

I posted on Instagram recently that I finally found a fat-friendly doctor, and I got so many questions asking for recommendations. If you’re in Austin and looking for a doctor, I have a name for you! But if you’re not, I can at least tell you how I found mine. On this episode of the

Royal Jelly by Roald Dahl–A Creepy Story Reading

In honor of Halloween, I’m reading Roald Dahl’s short story “Royal Jelly” on the pod today! Note: It’s incredibly hard to find stories that have fat themes without being entirely fat negative. If there’s a fat-related story you love OR a story about anything by a fat author, I’d love to hear about it! In

Kurbo (like every diet for kids) is a Terrible Idea

WW (the new incarnation of Weight Watchers) has launched a new venture: a dieting app for kids called Kurbo. We know that diets don’t work and idealizing thinness causes eating disorders, but what could possibly go wrong?! Today on the pod I’m talking about why you should not subject your child to food insecurity and

Ask Ash: How to Handle Accessibility Issues for Your Fatter Friends

I got a question on Instagram recently about how to approach accessibility issues (at venues, restaurants, etc) for your super and infinifat friends. This is such an important question! So I thought that it needed a full response. Credits Thank you to Starcrusher for the music you heard on today’s show. Go to to

Burn Out is Plaguing Me

Your host is suffering from burn out at the moment, so she decided to make an episode about why she’s having trouble making an episode. Credits Thank you to Starcrusher for the music you heard on today’s show. Go to to hear more! Thank you to BigFigMattress for their partnership. Need a new mattress?

Finite Possibilities–Car Shopping for Super and Infinifats (Episode originally ran in May 2018)

Hello friends! I’ve been sick and haven’t been able to record, so I have a rerun for you this week. It’s a very timely episode, though, as I am car shopping right now myself. It’s been very, very difficult. It seems like vehicles that infinifats can comfortably drive are becoming harder and harder to find.

Make Your Home Work For You

In the past month I’ve been settling into my new place and I’ve been thinking about the special home accommodations I make in my home to make it more fat friendly. I think some of us are reluctant to put a chair in our kitchen or a bench in our shower, and it’s so silly.

What Piers Morgan Needs to Hear

This week Piers Morgan and Good Morning Britain hosted an interview with superfat model Angelina Duplisea. Angelina was featured in Miley Cyrus’s video for her new single “Mother’s Daughter,” and her appearance has really pissed off a lot of the “glorifying obesity” trolls. Turns out (to absolutely no one’s surprise) that Piers Morgan is one

You Can Still Fly with Limited Mobility

The worst part about flying, for me, isn’t hurtling through the air in a crowded tube or submitting to invasive full body security scans, and it isn’t even having to buy an extra seat (I long ago accepted that that was just part of my travel requirements). The worst part of flying for me is

I’m Moving! And a Good Fatty re-run

I’m finally moving! And it is STRESSFUL and my microphone is packed, so this week we’re doing a re-run of one of our foundational episodes, all the way back from spring 2016–the Good Fatty episode. In our culture, fat people are expected to be making every effort to become un-fat. Every day we must be

Give Me Fat Serenity–Petrina and Overeaters Anonymous (Rerun)

Give Me Fat Serenity–Petrina and Overeaters Anonymous Petrina was taught when she was young that her body was a problem, so she spent much of her life trying to solve it. That pursuit of thinness led her through incredible personal turmoil and culminated in seven years in the rooms of Overeaters Anonymous. What she found

Coach Betsy on Being in Community with Other Fat People

I’ve known my friend Betsy for probably close to 15 years. She’s a life coach specializing in body image now, but we go way back. When we met in person the first time it was at a fat event, and we were both changed by that experience. Today on the pod we’re talking about fat