Make Your Home Work For You

In the past month I’ve been settling into my new place and I’ve been thinking about the special home accommodations I make in my home to make it more fat friendly. I think some of us are reluctant to put a chair in our kitchen or a bench in our shower, and it’s so silly. Who said you have to stand in the shower? Ultimately it comes down to internalized fatphobia and ableism. We don’t want it to seem like we aren’t able to do things the way that straight sized people do. But you don’t need to torture yourself in your own home!

In today’s episode I’m talking about the home accommodations and adjustments I’ve made in my home to make my life easier. And there are a lot of them! Here’s a list of all the things I talked about today:

Amazon office chair for kitchen stool:

Ikea ottoman:

Pottery Barn ottoman:

Amazon folding storage ottomans/benches:

Amazon Flash Furniture Hercules collection:

Amazon Church chairs:

Amazon Chiavari chairs:

Amazon Fancy chairs:

Amazon Shower stool:

Amazon Shower head:

Amazon Roomba:

Bidet blog post:

Amazon bidet:

Big Fig:

Amazon double sided rug tape:

Value City couch:

Lazy Boy couch:

Amazon stool:

Amazon step stool:

Amazon bedside step:

Amazon 650lb capacity air mattress:

Amazon 650lb capacity air mattress option 2:


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