Sarah’s Dream-Massage Therapy for Fat People

We’re still talking about goals today, and Sarah’s is very exciting. She wants to open a business that provides massage therapy for fat people. It’s a daunting prospect, but Sarah has seen firsthand that many massage therapists do not want to work on fat people. This is because of fatphobia but also because of a lack of education about what a fat body feels like and needs. As a fat massage therapist, Sarah wants to create change in her field, but she wants to do it in a way that makes massage accessible. It shouldn’t be a luxury reserved for the wealthy. Massage and human touch should be available to all as essential self care!


In the beginning of the show we’re talking about winter weather preparedness, and I mentioned a couple of products that have helped me.

Winter Walking Ice Cleats:

Terry Cloth Insoles (for sweaty Crocs feet):

Ice Walking Sticks:



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