Episode 61: That Shrill Pool Party and Making Fat Community in Your Town

You’ve definitely heard about Shrill on Hulu, but if you haven’t, now is the time to use that free trial Hulu is always pushing. The show, based on the book by Lindy West, starring Aidy Bryant (and other just-as-amazing fat babes), is so good.

The best episode by far, though, is number 4. The pool party episode. It was written by Samantha Irby, a national fucking treasure, and it made me cry and cry–a joyful cry of recognition. At that pool party, Aidy plays the nerves and timidness, and then, in the end, the revelation and freedom that many of us who have attended fat community events have felt.

Today on the pod I’m talking about the singular experience of being in physical proximity to and community with other fat people and how to create that Shrill experience in your town.


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