The Fat Lip in 2019

As I think about the direction of The Fat Lip in 2019, I’ve been reflecting on the pod and what we’ve created together. We’ve done incredibly important work with the pod, and I am so happy with what it has become. On TFL we’ve always focused entirely on very fat-focused issues, though. The work has been hard and often emotionally taxing, but I wouldn’t take it back for a second. It was all necessary and worth it.

But I don’t think the work coming from fat people always needs to be so serious and raw.  We have done so much emotional labor– begged for the world to consider our humanity–but I’m kinda done asking for acceptance. I’m here and fat as fuck whether they like it or not, and I have a million other things to talk about. And hey, maybe there’s just as much value in hearing fat people talk about dogs and whether Paul Hollywood gives away too many handshakes on Bake Off. We’re regular humans with the same varied lives and ideas as everyone else. The Fat Lip in 2019 is going to hear about ’em.


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