See It In Your Size: Kelly’s Experience Modeling for Universal Standard

The search for jeans for infinifats has been an epic one, but some of us have finally found what we are looking for in Universal Standard. On a Tuesday in March the brand launched their long-anticipated denim line that is available in sizes 00-40. In a day they became the most size inclusive major brand in history. But those of us who are on the highest end of that size range were still dubious–we’re used to being disappointed by so-called inclusivity. I ordered a pair anyway, though, and when I received my jeans, I actually cried. They fit.

Maybe even more remarkable than my individual fashion horizons changing, though, is what Universal Standard is doing for size visibility on its website. Every item that the brand offers, in every size, will soon be shown on a model of that size. Right now if you go to the 00-40 Denim page, you can select “See It In Your Size” and actually see every pair of jeans on a size 36 or 38 model. I’m talking about jeans for infinifats actually modeled by infinifats on a brand’s website. That is truly groundbreaking. We’ve never had that before. And today on the pod I’m talking to one of those models about her experience working with the brand and what this new sizing means to people like us.

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