Go to Fat Camp with Annette Richmond of Fat Girls Traveling

Go to FAT CAMP with Annette Richmond of Fat Girls Traveling!

Annette Richmond is a fat woman who loves to travel, but she just wasn’t seeing herself or people like her on the big travel social media accounts. So she decided to make space in travel for herself and women like her by creating Fat Girls Traveling a year ago. The Fat Girls Traveling instagram (@fatgirlstraveling) now has over 13,000 followers and offers the same curated, editorial vibe as those big travel blogs, but with diverse bodies.

Fat Girls Traveling is a revelation, and now Annette is hosting Fat Camp, the summer sleepaway camp experience of your youth but for adult fat women. Fat Camp will feature traditional camp activities, but it is so much more than that. You’ll hear talks from plus fashion bloggers. You’ll practice yoga and drink wine. All of your activities will be based in body positivity and self love! Fat Camp is being held in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina August 24-27, 2018. Go to fatgirlstraveling.com for the full schedule and to reserve your spot!


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