Anthony Bourdain and Strategies for Addressing High Profile Fatphobia

Following the tragic death of Anthony Bourdain, social media was full of tributes to a man who spent his life showing the world the importance of sharing time and a meal with someone of a different background. For all of the ways he stood up for other marginalized people, though, Anthony Bourdain was also vocally fatphobic.

The reality of toxic diet culture is that we see high profile people who are otherwise socially conscious and forward-thinking say fatphobic things all the time. It’s also true, though, that those who have true disdain for fat people or fatness in general are often not willing to hear or consider fat peoples’ thoughts or feelings on that fatphobia. And honestly, as a fat person, nothing is more diminishing than having to beg some internet turd, famous or not, to consider your humanity. So what do we do about high profile fatphobia?


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