Finite Possibilities–Car Shopping for Superfat and Infinifat People

Finite Possibilities: Car Shopping for Superfat and Infinifat People

A couple weeks ago I got a frantic DM on Instagram from a fellow infinifat. She needed to know what kind of car I drive and if I had any recommendations for vehicles she might fit in. Unfortunately, this is one question that I don’t have a good answer for. I drive an older SUV that fits me well but that is no longer in production, so I also live in fear of the day that I’ll have to go car shopping again.

It seems like vehicles that infinifats can comfortably drive are harder and harder to find. The thought of going through this process is incredibly daunting. Unfortunately for my Instagram friend, though, she didn’t have a choice. Thankfully, though, she found something that worked for her and offered to come on the pod to talk through the struggles and the car buying process, and what resulted was some really good tips and advice on making vehicles work for you.


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