Episode 38: I’m Gonna Keep Enjoying My Life–Infinifat Mom Deanna on Universal Fat Experiences and Raising Body Positive Teens

I’m Gonna Keep Enjoying My Life–Infinifat Mom Deanna on Universal Fat Experiences and Raising Body Positive Teens Deanna is an infinifat mom, but her size doesn’t stop her from having a happy life and raising happy kids. Today Deanna and I had a long chat about existing in this world in a body that makes

Episode 37: Overcoming Shame–Pod Listener Angel Finds Her Freedom

Overcoming Shame–Pod Listener Angel Finds Her Freedom I have to tell you that I’ve been having some mixed feelings now that we’re at the end of #infinifatshionfebruary. I just wasn’t sure that what I’ve been trying to do was really getting through to anyone, but then I met Angel. She emailed me on Monday, and

Episode 36: #Infinifatshionfebruary: Why Clothes Matter

Infinifatshionfebruary: Why Clothes Matter Plus fashion is a booming industry, and every year more and more retailers are getting with the program and offering plus options. And slowly (very slowly) more of these retailers are beginning to offer extended plus sizes, which is very exciting and gratifying for people who wear above a 24. Unfortunately,

Episode 35: Fat Positives – Favorable Representations of Fat People in Entertainment

Fat Positives – Favorable Representations of Fat People in Entertainment I’ve done a lot of talking on The Fat Lip about negative portrayals of fat people and about entertainment that just doesn’t get it right when it comes to fatness. But there are also many cases of positive representation of fat people in media today–probably

Episode 33: Holiday Table Advocacy–How to Stand Up to Fatphobia at Your Holiday Table

Ah, the holiday meal. Who doesn’t love turkey and mashed potatoes and pie and your great aunt Laura side-eying you for eating said pie? You go along to get a long,  try not to hope Laura catches laryngitis, and you come out of your holiday gathering only a little worse for wear. But why should

Episode 32: A Better Sports Bra for Plus Sizes? Jasmine Kent Needs Your Help

Jasmine Kent is not plus sized, but when she was crafting her thesis for her Master’s in Industrial Design, she wanted to fill a gap in the activewear market and give a wider range of sizes access to a better sports bra. She spoke with biomechanical researchers at Hanes and is collecting survey data from

Episode 31: Get a Second Opinion–On Fat Pregnancy and Delivery

Doctors often tell us that being fat is an obstacle to having children. Many doctors tell fat people to lose weight before even attempting to start a family because even if they DO get pregnant, they will likely be unable to carry the baby to term otherwise. But fat people get pregnant and deliver healthy

Episode 29: It’s Been a Rough Month–Experiencing Fatphobia in Medical Care

I’ve been involved in fat acceptance for over 15 years, and on my best day I can raise all kinds of hell about misinformation and fatphobia in medical care. But on my worst day, when I’m the one who is sick and vulnerable and on the wrong end of a doctor’s weight-related lecturing, it’s a

A Mattress Made Specifically for Fat People?! My Big Fig Mattress Experience (Sponsored)

I’m sure many fat people can relate when I say that I have a very fraught relationship with mattresses. It has always just seemed like beds weren’t made with fat bodies in mind. They sag or the materials scrunch up or sometimes they just break entirely. I’ve just never been perfectly happy with any mattress

Episode 28: Seeing Herself–How One Listener’s Social Media Presence is A Tool In Her Recovery

Like many fat women–more than we could even count–Nush is in recovery from a near lifetime of disordered eating. But she’s finding her own way by using social media. Nush’s insta is a beautiful collage of selfies and outfit photos that are for her more than anyone. When she looks at these photos she can

Episode 27: Yeah I’m Fat and I Don’t Give A Fuck–Grace Tells Her Story

We know by now that “inclusive” in beauty and body positive campaigns doesn’t necessarily mean that people of color are represented. Slowly, though (very, very slowly) the tide seems to be turning and retailers seem to be hearing our calls for non-white representation. But it’s still so incredibly rare to see fat Asian people in

Episode 26: You Have Qualities That Littleness Can Never Possess–Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan on Health at Every Size

As a superfat woman and fat activist, I’ve always felt a little skeptical about Health at Every Size. “Health” just isn’t a word that treats fat people very well. In fact, it’s very often used as a weapon that attempts to derail fat pos discussion. I’ve always assumed that it was part of the “good fatty”

Episode 25: “How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas”–A Chat with Author Viviana Rose

White women think we have a monopoly on body size oppression. We’ve all heard (and probably repeated at some point) the racist stereotype that fatness is more accepted in black and brown communities. This is simply not true, and we white people should get out of the way and let fat POC tell their own stories about