Episode 26: You Have Qualities That Littleness Can Never Possess–Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan on Health at Every Size

As a superfat woman and fat activist, I’ve always felt a little skeptical about Health at Every Size. “Health” just isn’t a word that treats fat people very well. In fact, it’s very often used as a weapon that attempts to derail fat pos discussion. I’ve always assumed that it was part of the “good fatty” ideal–that as long as we’re participating in healthy behaviors we will be granted the privilege of social inclusion. I’ve always assumed that HAES is not for fats like me, so I’ve always shied away from this discussion.

But it turns out that I was totally wrong.

So what is Health at Every Size really about?

Today on the show I’m talking with Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan. Meredith is a food and body peace coach who lives and teaches the HAES paradigm, and she did an amazing job today of validating my feelings about the word “health” while walking me through what Health At Every Size really means. It’s not about prescriptive health standards, and it’s not about earning your worth through dieting and exercising. HAES is a holistic approach to body peace and wellness that recognizes that weight loss via dieting is not sustainable and that health is not a prerequisite for being treated with respect and dignity.

Follow Meredith on social media at facebook.com/generousplan, instagram.com/madeonagenerousplan, and twitter.com/generousplan. To learn more about Meredith or HAES or food and body peace, go to generousplan.com.  The Plus Size Food and Body Peace Beginner’s Guide on her site is a great place to start.

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