Episode 25: “How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas”–A Chat with Author Viviana Rose

White women think we have a monopoly on body size oppression. We’ve all heard (and probably repeated at some point) the racist stereotype that fatness is more accepted in black and brown communities. This is simply not true, and we white people should get out of the way and let fat POC tell their own stories about growing up fat in a Latinx or black family. By doing so we would learn that we all experience body shame but systematic racial and cultural oppression compounds that. We must raise fat POC voices and see fat activism and body politics from an intersectional perspective.

Viviana Rose on Diet Culture and the Latinx Community

Author Viviana Rose’s book How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas gives us a firsthand account of how being a fat teenager in a latinx family really feels. With her own story, she shows us how diet culture has affected her life and the lives of those she loves. The book also touches on several more important themes–bullying, eating disorders, depression, teenage body angst–all in a personal, emotional voice.

Get How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas by Viviana Rose on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Follow Viviana Rose on Instagram.

Gloria Lucas of Nalgona Positivity Pride, a comprehensive intersectional Xican@ / Brown* / Indigenous body positivity blog, wrote the opening chapter of Viviana Rose’s book. Gloria and NPP are also currently raising money for Trensitas, a body positivity program for teens of color. This is important work, so please consider donating here.

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