Episode 27: Yeah I’m Fat and I Don’t Give A Fuck–Grace Tells Her Story

We know by now that “inclusive” in beauty and body positive campaigns doesn’t necessarily mean that people of color are represented. Slowly, though (very, very slowly) the tide seems to be turning and retailers seem to be hearing our calls for non-white representation. But it’s still so incredibly rare to see fat Asian people in these campaigns. So rare that I couldn’t even name a single time that I’ve seen a fat Asian woman in a retail ad campaign. But fat Asian women do exist and they do need to see themselves in media.

Grace is half-Japanese and from Indiana, so she grew up with a lot of white people. She didn’t know she was different until people started to tell her that she was, and they never let her forget it. But the fact that she looked different didn’t exempt her from the pressure to be thin. In fact, she got that message from her family as well. When she went away to college and gained weight, her family did not approve. But Grace, with the help of the internet and the fat positive community, that there’s nothing wrong with her fat body, and she won’t let anyone tell her any differently.


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