Episode 26: You Have Qualities That Littleness Can Never Possess–Meredith Noble of Made on a Generous Plan on Health at Every Size

As a superfat woman and fat activist, I’ve always felt a little skeptical about Health at Every Size. “Health” just isn’t a word that treats fat people very well. In fact, it’s very often used as a weapon that attempts to derail fat pos discussion. I’ve always assumed that it was part of the “good fatty”

Episode 25: “How American Diet Culture Negatively Affects Latinas”–A Chat with Author Viviana Rose

White women think we have a monopoly on body size oppression. We’ve all heard (and probably repeated at some point) the racist stereotype that fatness is more accepted in black and brown communities. This is simply not true, and we white people should get out of the way and let fat POC tell their own stories about

Episode 24: “Just Be Confident!” and Other Useless Advice For Fat People

It’s kind of our culture’s greatest tradition to tell each other how to act and what’s good for us. “Just be confident!” is one of those vague directives that we’ve all heard a hundred times–it’s the apparent solution to all of our problems. Episode 24: “Just Be Confident!” and Other Useless Advice for Fat People