Episode 34: New Year, New (Old) Gripes about Fat in the Media

New Year, New (Old) Gripes

This wouldn’t be The Fat Lip if I weren’t mouthing off about something, and today (and it seems like always) I have a lot to say about fat stories that are happening around us. Get ready for our first gripes of the new year!

In this episode I’m addressing the “girther” thing and whether we have a right to others’ medical reports (even if they are the leader of the free world,) how taking a stand against airbrushing is only thin, white, cis body positive, and a podcast that I love getting one of the big O words and all of the junk science wrapped up in it all wrong. Buckle in because I’ve got my complaining pants on today! I hope you have snacks because you’re gonna need them.


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