Episode 32: A Better Sports Bra for Plus Sizes? Jasmine Kent Needs Your Help

Jasmine Kent is not plus sized, but when she was crafting her thesis for her Master’s in Industrial Design, she wanted to fill a gap in the activewear market and give a wider range of sizes access to a better sports bra. She spoke with biomechanical researchers at Hanes and is collecting survey data from plus size bra-wearers, and she hopes to make a prototype this spring. But she needs our help.

Go to http://www.jasmine-kent.com/ to complete the survey and, if you’re up for it, help Jasmine out by participating in an interview. If you’re local to Raleigh, NC, she could use your help in person for sizing and further biomechanical research. Jasmine is attempting to fill a hole in the plus size fashion and activewear markets, and we can help her get there.


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