Episode 31: Get a Second Opinion–On Fat Pregnancy and Delivery

Doctors often tell us that being fat is an obstacle to having children. Many doctors tell fat people to lose weight before even attempting to start a family because even if they DO get pregnant, they will likely be unable to carry the baby to term otherwise. But fat people get pregnant and deliver healthy babies every day, so where does this pressure (and misinformation) from physicians come from? We’re taught that successful fat pregnancy is impossible for us, but so much of this assertion is rooted in institutional fatphobia. Today on TFL I’m talking to Chelsea about how she had two perfect pregnancies at 400 pounds and how she’s teaching her three perfect kids (she had twins the second time) that it’s okay to be fat.


The music in today’s episode is by Starcrusher. Hear more at cstarcrusher.bandcamp.com.

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