Episode 29: It’s Been a Rough Month–Experiencing Fatphobia in Medical Care

I’ve been involved in fat acceptance for over 15 years, and on my best day I can raise all kinds of hell about misinformation and fatphobia in medical care. But on my worst day, when I’m the one who is sick and vulnerable and on the wrong end of a doctor’s weight-related lecturing, it’s a hell of a lot harder to take a stand.

I had a short hospital stay recently (I’m totally okay now) and I was reminded of how absolutely terrifying and frustrating and confusing medical care is, especially for fat people. So many doctors see a fat body as a critical problem that needs to be solved, regardless of our actual overall health. This isn’t the first time that I’ve experienced this, but I came away from this whole thing with a stronger resolve than ever to make sure fat people are heard in healthcare. The first step, I think, is talking about they things doctors say to us. By talking to each other about our shared experiences, we can empower each other to demand better.

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