Episode 12: This Is NOT Us–NBC’s Hit Drama Doesn’t Do Fat People Any Favors

Believe me, no one was more hopeful than I was when I learned that NBC’s new show, This Is Us, featured a very fat woman in a lead role. But we’ve learned time and time again that mainstream media doesn’t treat us well, and this time is no exception. This is Us treats its fat characters like a sad spectacle–their eating is out of control, they can’t stick to their diets, and they hate themselves. And these are their only character traits!

Fat people deserve characters that actually represent them as whole people with worries and triumphs that are not related to their size. NBC doesn’t give us that here. This is not us.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 12: This Is NOT Us–NBC’s Hit Drama Doesn’t Do Fat People Any Favors

  1. I disagree with the comments regarding the character in This Is Us. Review the characters past the concrete actions and you can see their emotional turmoil with their food addiction .

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