Episode 11: Fat Dating Series – Devyn of ChunkyLemonade

Fat dating (and sex and love) is just a subject that mainstream culture doesn’t talk about. If popular media were to be believed, fat people barely date at all because we’re too busy dieting and hating ourselves. But fat people of all sizes, cultures, abilities, and orientations do date and have sex and fall in love just as often as their thinner peers. This series will explore the real dates and sex and relationships that fat people engage in every day. Well maybe not EVERY day. Jeez.

Today’s episode features Devyn, a guy who has a lot to say about traumatic relationships; navigating the gay singles scene as a fat, disabled man; and learning not to settle for less than you deserve. Be sure to check out his blog ChunkyLemonade for more of his thoughts.

The music you hear in this show is by Starcrusher. Go to cstarcrusher.bandcamp.com to get his new album Goodbye Halcyon Days. Support artists who support the fat community!

If you’d like to be a supporter of the show, check out www.patreon.com/thefatlip to learn how. Seriously, there are stickers. No one can resist a sticker.

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