Episode 8: Fat Trans Activist Shane Brodie’s Nude Protest of the Trump INDECLINE Installation

shanebrodie, fat, transWhat do you do when you wake up one morning to find that the whole country is mocking a body like yours? If you’re Shane Brodie, you tell people how hurt you are. And then you do something about it.

Shane Brodie is a fat trans man who lives a quiet life as an artist in Berkeley, California. That morning in August when the Trump statues showed up, Shane saw social media buzzing about the one that occupied San Francisco’s Castro district for a full day. He noticed what a public spectacle it had become—people were traveling from all over the Bay area to take selfies and make rude gestures with it—and he noticed how the features people were mocking looked remarkably like his own. So the next day Shane did something that took every ounce of his courage. He went down to the Castro, stood on the spot where the Trump effigy had been glued to the pavement, and took off his clothes.

Shane joins me on the show today to talk about his protest, the public reaction, and how one shy person can stand up and push back.

You can see photos and video from Shane’s protest on a special Fat Lip guest page at http://thefatlip.com/guests/shane-brodie/ and please, please follow Shane on social media and share his message. Find him on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sbroad.eye and on twitter: https://twitter.com/ShaneHBrodie and see the (NSFW) video of his protest here: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:ShaneBrodievideo1.webm

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Episode 6: Donald Trump’s Junk

On August 18, 2016 an activist art collective erected five nude statues of Donald Trump in five major American cities. The project was meant as a criticism of the candidate, presumably for his racist, regressive, and violent opinions, but the message that the American public received is that Donald Trump is fat and gross. There are a million things wrong with Donald Trump as a candidate for president, but his body is not one of them.

The music in today’s show is by our friend, the very talented young DJ Citizen Starcrusher. His new album, Goodbye Halcyon Days will be out soon! In the meantime make sure to check him out at https://soundcloud.com/cstarcrusher

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Episode 4: It’s a Big Big World, A Response to This American Life’s Tell Me I’m Fat

Last week This American Life, possibly the most popular podcast there is, ran an episode called “Tell Me I’m Fat.” Leading up to the episode’s release I had read and listened to some teasers and learned that Lindy West and her book, Shrill, were featured, so I was really excited. I love Lindy and loved Shrill and I’ve been a huge fan of This American Life’s thoughtful, nuanced reporting for years, so I thought that someone was finally going to get the subject of fat right.

When I actually listened to the episode, though, I was really disappointed. Lindy was fantastic and hilarious and everything I hoped she’d be, but there were so many other elements of the episode that were really flawed. I listened to it over and over again hoping I was just hearing the most offensive parts wrong, but the more I listened, the more disappointed and angry I became. And this has happened over and over. No mainstream media outlet has ever learned how to talk about fat respectfully and it has gotten really old. So today I’m doing something about it. This is my big fat response to This American Life’s “Tell Me I’m Fat”.

The music in today’s show is by our friend, the very talented young DJ Citizen Starcrusher. His new album, Goodbye Halcyon Days will be out soon! In the meantime make sure to check him out at https://soundcloud.com/cstarcrusher

Episode 1: The F Word: Why The Word Fat Is Okay

“Fat” is a loaded word in our culture, and it can take years to unpack the feelings and shame this tiny little word can create in a person. But “fat” is also bold and powerful. That’s why it’s so integral to the name of this show, and that’s why embracing it can change your life for the better. Today we’re talking about the word “fat” and I’m excited to welcome Virgie Tovar, celebrated fat activist, editor of the acclaimed anthology Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love, and Fashion, creator of the body positive hashtag #LoseHateNotWeight, and designer and host of Babecamp, a course on body image, self love, and breaking up with diet culture.


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Episode 0.1: Introducing The Fat Lip!

Welcome to The Fat Lip! We’re calling this Episode 0.1 because it’s not a full length episode but just a quick introduction to the show and to what you can expect going forward. Take a listen and let us know what you think!

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