Episode 39: Pretty Hurts–BlackEyedBliss’s Inspiring Fat Burlesque

/Warning: This episode is about fat burlesque, but it’s probably not work safe–there’s some humorous discussion of a simulated sex act, so maybe don’t listen to this one at your desk unless you’re wearing headphones!

Episode 39: Pretty Hurts–BlackEyedBliss’s Inspiring Fat Burlesque

Society would like us to think that fat people aren’t sexual beings–that we’re too busy hating our bodies and trying to diet them away, that our sexuality exists only in the dark where we can’t be seen–but this just isn’t true. Fat people are sexy! And fat burlesque performers like today’s guest, BlackEyedBliss, are actively working to show the burlesque community and the world that fat people are vibrant, sexual beings.

Watch one of BlackEyedBliss’s performances here!

Follow BlackEyedBliss on instagram to keep up with her show schedule! You can find her at instagram.com/blackeyedbliss.

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