Episode 36: #Infinifatshionfebruary: Why Clothes Matter

Infinifatshionfebruary: Why Clothes Matter

Plus fashion is a booming industry, and every year more and more retailers are getting with the program and offering plus options. And slowly (very slowly) more of these retailers are beginning to offer extended plus sizes, which is very exciting and gratifying for people who wear above a 24.

Unfortunately, though, these offerings tend to stop around a 30. And of course they have to stop somewhere, and no one expects companies to provide for everyone, but those of us who wear a 32 or above find ourselves with very few options. And this isn’t just a problem of aesthetics, it’s a problem of access.

For the month of February I am advocating for those of us who are past plus sizing and in desperate need of attention from the plus community and from retailers using the hashtag InfinifatshionFebruary. Join me on Instagram! Follow me here. And follow the #infinifatshionfebruary hashtag here.

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