Episode 22: Today in Fatness (June 2017)

Between TFL episodes there are often stories about fatness and activism that I want to comment on, but most of the time they’re just quick little things that are either too small or too new to talk about in a full episode. Some of these are things that I feel are actually incredibly significant for our movement, but they just don’t fit into the regular episode format. In the year that I’ve been making The Fat Lip, there have definitely been short stories that I wish I had addressed on the show even in a small way.

I’ve decided to try something new by throwing in an occasional episode where I’ll talk about some of the things that are happening in fat news or fat activism. Each “Today in Fatness” episode will run through several quick stories or happenings that impact the fat pos community. I want to spend more time talking about the every day actions and progress (and sometimes setbacks) that we see in the movement, and I think this might be the way to incorporate some of that.

So today I’m happy to present the first of these to you. In this episode I’m talking about Natalie of nataliemeansnice, Corissa of fatgirlflow, some turd on Big Brother, Roxane Gay, The Sporkful, and the incredible protest actions of ADAPT, a national organization of disabled activists who have been protesting ACA repeal efforts.

Today in Fatness (mentions in this episode:)






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