Episode 19: Desiring Fat People: Normal Preference or Fat Fetish?

If you’re a fat person (particularly a fat woman,) you are no stranger to the “I like big women” comment. It’s awkward, and it often feels like the speaker feels entitled to special privileges or access based on this admission. For fat people this can be a wholly unwelcome message. We want to date people who want to know us as people, not just as soft bodies. We deserve to have that.

Because of interactions like this, though, a lot of fat people have developed a distrust for anyone who exhibits a preference for fat partners. The “fetishist” is reviled in a lot of fat spaces. But are all people who prefer fat partners fat fetishists? And what does that mean for fat people?

Music in this episode is by Starcrusher. Hear more at cstarcrusher.bandcamp.com.

Read the transcript of this episode here. 

One thought on “Episode 19: Desiring Fat People: Normal Preference or Fat Fetish?

  1. Fantastic episode, Ash– really level-headed and sensitive.I look forward to your follow-up episodes, very much. You did an amazing, articulate job approaching this inherently complicated subject. Keep up the great work.

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