Episode 15: Fats of the Resistance–You can resist even if you can’t march!

In the last couple of weeks especially, we’ve seen millions upon millions of people around the world protesting the actions of the new US president. Immediately following the election, Ann Coulter tweeted in response to protests that “without fat girls, there would be no protests.” And for once I think she’s absolutely right! But some of us, though we support the resistance movement, are unable to march or to stand in protest. But we can still participate! In this episode I run down ways you can voice your opposition to government actions without marching.

Also, from February 1 to February 14, the Fats of the Resistance shirt will be available on Teespring with 100% of proceeds going directly to the ACLU. If we sell 50 shirts, that’s over $500 that the ACLU will receive, and they will need it. We will be relying heavily on the ACLU in the next four years. Check teespring.com/thefatlip starting on February 1 to get one and to prove to Ann Coulter that yes, fat people are essential to this resistance!

Organizations discussed in the episode that are providing easy ways to contact your representatives:






Also, there’s an app that I forgot to mention in the episode! Go to https://www.countable.us/ to download it.

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