Episode 9: Body Positivity Vs. Fat Positivity

In the last year or two, the Body Positive movement has had some incredible momentum, and it’s even getting some mainstream media coverage. But is the actual message of body positivity actually getting through? It’s not hard to find a tweet that says “I’m all for #bodypositivity as long as you’re healthy” or “#bodypositive does not mean morbid obesity.” Fat women, the ones whose hard work built this movement, are increasingly feeling like their bodies aren’t represented by #bodypos in its current state. And retailers aren’t helping! Major plus fashion brands have co-opted “body positivity” for use in huge marketing campaigns that include remarkably little body diversity (see Lane Bryant’s “Plus is Equal” campaign.) So what can we do to claim our space and to keep from being pushed further to the fringes? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s episode.

The music in this episode is provided by the incredibly talented Starcrusher, whose new album Goodbye Halcyon Days is now available at cstarcrusher.bandcamp.com. Go buy it. Support artists who support fats!

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