Episode 5: Maura Penn. What’s it like to be a fat white kid in the Middle East?

When The Fat Lip started, telling real fat people’s stories was a big part of the mission. As fat people, we don’t really hear ourselves in media. We don’t see relatable stories about people like us that often, and that lack of representation can be very alienating.

When Maura Penn wrote to me about her childhood as a Canadian living in the Middle East and how it shaped her body image and her journey to self-acceptance, I wrote back immediately to ask her to come on the show.

In this episode Maura talks about how her experiences in the Western world have differed from her early life in the Middle East and how her size acceptance journey has shaped the way she’s raising her kids.

The music in today’s show is by our friend, the very talented young DJ Citizen Starcrusher. His new album, Goodbye Halcyon Days will be out soon! In the meantime make sure to check him out at https://soundcloud.com/cstarcrusher

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