Episode 3: My Own Mom, A Conversation About Bodies

When I started this podcast I didn’t tell my mom that I was doing it, but one of my brothers did. Then after the first episode was up, she texted to tell me that she had listened to it and that she wanted to talk about it. For a split second I was completely terrified that I had said something that offended her, but then she  told me that she had gained some weight in the last year and that her long term boyfriend had been making fatphobic comments.

 After I talked to my mom that night, it struck me just how crazy it was that I started a podcast about fat positivity, something that is such a huge part of my life, and the first person to really be touched by it was my own mom.

 So a couple weeks ago, right after the second episode had been published, I started to think about how little my mom and I had talked about body issues my entire life. Actually, I don’t recall a single conversation about it. So I thought that maybe it was time to have that conversation.

 And why not have a sensitive conversation about body image with your mom and then post it on the internet?

 The music in this podcast is on loan from a super talented DJ and friend of the fat positive community named Citizen Starcrusher. He’s working on a new album now, so you should follow him on Soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/cstarcrusher and become a fan before he gets big (no pun intended!)

One thought on “Episode 3: My Own Mom, A Conversation About Bodies

  1. I loved hearing your mom tell stories and repeat herself, it was really sweet to hear her tell of times when she just stood up for herself! Sometimes I think we have these discussions on such a high plane where we use buzzwords & talk about political & social constructs, but your mom speaks about it in such a basic experiential way; It was both refreshing & entertaining. I still enjoy the more critical conversations, but I’m glad you broke it up with this interview – & I, also, love my sugar.

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